Nandita Banerjee was born and raised in India where she received a B.A. and a M.A. in English literature and a B.A in Education from Calcutta University. She set up her own tutorial home in India to teach her favorite subject, English Literature, but her husband’s career took her abroad. Eager for new experiences, she immersed herself in the diverse cultures she encountered. She worked as a volunteer teacher in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and later became teacher in rural Oxfordshire, England, after receiving a PGCE from Oxford Brookes. The close interaction with the local communities and her travel around the UK and Europe helped her not only to understand the culture amidst which the English authors and poets composed their works, but also to recontextualize her own culture. Her mind opened to new ways of thinking; she looked at everything in a different light, the landscapes, the sky, and all the elements of the physical world. Afterlife realms started taking shape in her mind, and together with it No 7, her debut duet. She gave up her teaching career to become a full-time author in Houston. She is a member of both the Houston Writer’s Guild and The Houston Writer’s House.